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Why are there barcodes everywhere I turn?

This is a QR code, short for quick response.  If you are one of the quarter (and growing daily) americans who use a smart phone these are for you! 

QR codes originated in Japan and were first used to track automotive parts.   Now you may feel like you see them everywhere you turn!

You might see them on shelves at stores, Best Buy is adding them in all of their stores.  You will see them on business cards and flyers, even on For Sale signs in yards around the country!  To celebrate “internet week” in June New York’s Time Square was covered in giant QR codes promoting the sights on the city.

Using a special app you can scan this code with your phone and it will direct you to a website or more information on the product/ person/ property.   If you see one of our for sale signs or brochures there will be a QR code, if you scan it you will go directly to that property on our website where you can take a virtual tour.  All while you are sitting right out front of the home!